Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Photoshoot with Jessica

Hi! How is everyone? Usually on break I'm bouncing off the walls full of energy with so many ideas for 5000 activities. This year's winter break has been the complete opposite. Another thing that feels different is that I don't see friends 24/7 because my new friends that I've made this year have very different schedules. That just makes it extra exciting when I see a friend.

Yesterday evening, my friend Jessica slept over. Jessica and I have known each other since sixth grade, and this is my first time seeing her in a year because she moved. It was so exciting to see her and do a photoshoot.

Those are all the pictures I got of Jessie. Have a happy New Year!
I'm going to New York for New Years so I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.
Have a great day!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Morning Walk

Hello again! This morning I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, and I wanted to share the photos.

Music for School

Good morning, everyone! How are you all? I haven't mentioned this yet, but I have a solo recital at school on January 9. The songs I'm performing are absolutely gorgeous.

My first song is "Heart, We Will Forget Him" composed by Aaron Copland.  It was originally part of a twelve-poem series by Emily Dickinson, but Copland took all of those poems and put them to music. The piece that I'm singing is absolutely wonderful. It has a somewhat sad vibe to it. I interpreted it as someone trying to forget their huge amount of love for someone, but they are having a hard time forgetting.

 The second piece I'm doing for my recital is "Vaga Luna Che Inargenti" by Vincenzo Bellini. The piece is in Italian, so I had to translate it. The song seems to be about someone on a beautiful beach talking to the moon. They're telling the moon to send messages of love to a loved one.
I'm excited for my recital. but I'm also very nervous!
Have a great day!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Self Portraits

Holidays & Updates

Hello, everyone! Once again, I apologize for my long absence. But I'm on break now, so I'm getting everything together.

When I was about six years old, I decided that I wanted to be a paleontologist. I know that while blogging I've mentioned wanting to be a photographer quite a few times, but I'm starting to reconsider going into the paleontology field.
I hope you all have a happy holidays!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thanksgiving in Ohio

Hello, everyone and happy late Thanksgiving! I am aware it is December, but there's no problem with blogging about Thanksgiving. Every year my family and I go to Ohio to see my father's side of the family. It's tons of fun... even if my family sometimes will drive me insane.

Besides being with family, my favorite part of Thanksgiving is the pie. I always save extra room for pie after dinner.

These are some pictures of Gus, two of which are with my dad. If you didn't know, Gus is my dog. He loved playing in the snow and running in the neighbors' yards.

This is a sign outside of my great uncle's house.

Here's Gus--again.

Liam normally hates Ohio because there is only one other boy who is our cousin Zane. Zane normally hangs around with all of the girls, but this year he chose to stay with Liam and raise hell. That's an exaggeration, but they were pretty annoying and irritating.

When I was waiting for my parents to start packing the car, I snapped a few shots around the yard.

My cousin, Ryan, opened his own bike shop, so we all went to go see it. The shop is great! Congrats to Ryan. The shop is in a cool part of town so we went to some stores and stopped in a coffee shop. This probably sounds very weird, but the garbage cans were awesome. The cylindrical objects decorated in the pictures above are trash cans. I thought they looked cool.

As usual I was listening to music non-stop.

On Thanksgiving day, we ate a lot earlier than usual. We normally eat anywhere between 5:30 and 7:00. This year we ate around 4:00.

It's nice to go to Ohio because I get to see my dad's side of the family. I see my mom's side of the family more frequently, so it's nice to have some variety.

Every year we all meet up at Panera. This Panera is next door to a pet store called Pets Pajamas. This store is the Gucci of the pet world. The puppies are always really tiny, fluffy, and playful.
That was my Thanksgiving, and I'm aware that this post is very late. Oh well!
Have a great day!