Monday, October 13, 2014

Chill Time With Brigitte

      Hey, everyone! It is Monday, and it is the beginning of a new week! I know not many people like Mondays, but it's one step closer to Friday!! :)

         Sometimes my friend Brigitte comes over in the evenings. This doesn't happen as much as it used to because of our schedules, but I love it when we do have time to hang out. Last time she came over, we wanted to take pictures. The lighting wasn't great so I had her stand around in front of the camera while I adjusted the settings. I took this picture as a test. It didn't come out as planned, but we both really liked it.

       Brigitte always has the cutest outfits. When she came over she was wearing a Bob Marley muscle tee and some skinny jeans. Being my usual self, I took like 500 pictures of her outfit, but only one came out decent looking because of my room's lighting conditions.

        I've had Brigitte do some modeling for me (post here), and as you can see based on the linked post, Brigitte has very bright hair. She's had blue, green, purple, pink, and now she's blonde. Her roots are growing out, but it looks very cute on her. The way her hair looked in a messy bun was awesome. She also had some pink from when she had pink hair.

        Brigitte has very good fashion sense and is very good with accessorizing, and she always had the cutest bracelets. She also had a very cute necklace, but I can't find the picture. You can sort of see it in the picture of her Bob Marley Shirt.
I hope you all have a good day!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Starbucks With Doris

        This is a very late post, but these are the promised photos of my friend, Doris. We met up at Starbucks and just walked around.

        This is Doris. She's gorgeous, talented, and funny and basically the She actually attends BSA for visual arts, and she's great at drawing.

        She's one of my best friends and always will be. We met at an school event in first grade, and I remember thinking her was Dory (like in Finding Nemo). She's always there whenever I need her, and she's the definition of awesome.

        At Starbucks, the staff made a mistake and gave her a citrus drink instead of water, but she got the drink for free. I thought the drink looked cool and the lighting was great, so I took my camera out and snapped some pics.

Just to let you guys know: I'm scheduling some posts so that my blog will be updated regularly!
Have a great day!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Even More Photography Tips

Hello, everyone! Happy Saturday! Today I wanted to show some of my older pictures to give some photography tips. Yes, I'm posting more photography tips.

         My first tip is to pay attention to what is surrounding your subject. This picture was taken of an artwork hanging on the wall. If I'd included the wall in the picture, the picture would be completely different. Background is very important because if the subject is not placed in a visually pleasing way in front of the background, the elements of the background could distract from the subject. This was a piece of art work I saw at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art). Unfortunately I forgot to photograph the sign with the artist's name, so I won't be able to give proper credit.

        Another thing to pay attention to is color & texture. I'm a complete color/texture junkie, and I love anything brightly colored or with an interesting texture (which is why I love photographing graffiti). When looking at the color scheme of a picture, I always pay attention to how the colors flow together. Some colors flow together better than others.

        As for texture, I think that zooming in or getting a close up picture is a great idea. It captures every little detail to make the photo seemingly more complex and interesting. For example: The wall of graffiti pictures above has many ups and downs in the texture. If I had zoomed out, only the colors would have been clearly visible, making for a less interesting photograph.

         Another important part of photography is focus. You have to decide whether your subject is in focus or not and to what degree of focusing you want. For the picture above, I decided that the subject being out of focus would contribute more to the vibe that I wanted to give off from the picture. When I took this, I was feeling slightly out of touch with the real world. I feel like a good way to show disconnection is through blurriness.
        That's all for today. I hope you guys liked these tips! Let me know if you use any of them, and send me a picture. :)
Have a great day!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Quick Day-Night Makeup

Hey, everyone! I'm here with a quick day-to-night makeup tutorial. This comes in very handy when you don't have time to take off your current makeup, but you need to make your makeup fancier.
First, start off with the makeup you already had on.
Next, apply a very think line of liquid black (maybe even sparkly) eyeliner. I chose not to wing it out, but you can if you'd like.

Next apply some of your favorite mascara to make your lashes look dramatic.

Lastly I applied my red lipstick.

This is a very quick look, but it's very dramatic and great for a night out.
I completely stumped on post ideas. Any suggestions?
Have a great day!
-xox Fiona

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Coffee Breaks 4

Hello, everyone! Happy Wednesday! This week has dragged on forever, and I'm so glad that it's half way done. Ugh. As much as I love school, it's super duper tiring. 
I've really been trying to to think of blog post ideas, and I'm completely stumped. I need something easy because of my foot and something not super time-consuming because of my schedule. Do any of you have any ideas?
I've wanted to do an "outfit of the week/day" or some makeup stuff. I'm actually working on a photography post that involves trip down town. So excited to show you all!
I'm also ecstatic because Jessie J's (she's pretty much my queen) new album, Sweettalker, is coming out on October 13/14 depending on what country you live in. Jessie has released some songs from the album and this is my favorite album so far. I love the song "Personal." I highly recommend that you look it up. 
That's all I have for today, but one more thing:
I'm bringing my blogging idea list notebook around with me so feel free to suggest post ideas. 
Have a great day!
-xox Fion

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Breakfast

Hey, everyone! On  Saturday I went to get breakfast with my mom at Belvedere Square, and I decided to bring my camera! Yes, I am posting this a  week later, but there is no reason to not post it.

I talked with my mom about a lot of things, and most of them were school-related. I talked about how scary our chorus directer is when he's in chorus, even though he's one of the nicest people outside of chorus.  We ran into a woman who was apparently our neighbor when we first moved to Baltimore when I was one. We mostly talked about school though.

I'd already eaten, so I took pictures of my mom eating... I don't know how she feels about that.
That's what happened last Saturday!
Have a great day!
-xox Fiona

Friday, October 3, 2014

Photo Shoot with Cameron

Last Sunday my friend Cameron came over to my house for a photo shoot. These are the pictures I got:
Those are all the photos I got of my very photogenic friend.
Have a great day!
-xox Fiona

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

School Playlist

Hey, everyone! I prefer doing my work for school and pretty much everything while listening to music. I have a playlist I like to listen to while I work, and I thought that I'd share it with you.
These are in no specific order, I just remembered them in this order.
"Personal" by Jessie J
"Lonely Girl" by Tonight Alive
"The Ballad of Tommy Clayton and the Rawdog Millionaire" by Of Mice & Men
"John Deux Trois" by Of Mice & Men
"Break Free" by Of Mice & Men
"Burning Up" by Jessie J feat. 2 Chainz
"Losing Sight" by Memphis May Fire feat. Danny Worsnop
"No Ordinary Love" by Memphis May Fire
"The Langdon House" by Issues
"The Worst of Them" by Issues
"Disappear (Remember When)" by Issues
These are songs that I absolutely love, and I think sound awesome.
Have a great day!
-xox Fiona