Friday, September 26, 2014

Quick Blog Updates!

Hey everyone! These are just some quick blog-related updates:
-School is super time consuming so I won't be posting consistently :(
-I'm working on posts... Slowly
-I'll have a post or several up later today, and I have exciting news!
-I'm starting a photography "business." The work "business" is in quotes because I do free photoshoots. 
-I miss you all
I hope you have a good day
-xox Fiona

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Coffee Breaks 3

This week has been full of many different thoughts and ideas. I've had a lot of thoughts about my time management. My schedule during the week is completely full. School starts at 8:30am and ends at 4:15pm. I usually don't get home until 4:45. Then I do homework and practice (after a lot of procrastinating), eat dinner, and go to bed. I brought my camera to school yesterday, but I didn't get pictures because I didn't have any time. There is never enough time in a day to do everything you need to do. 
I've also been assigned some new vocal pieces. My favorite is "Heart, We Will Forget Him" which was originally a poem by Emily Dickinson. Aaron Copeland composed it into a gorgeous song with intervals and jumps and accidentals. 
That's all thats really been on my mind this week. 
Have a great day!
-xox Fiona

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday, everyone! How is everyone doing? The last week or so I've been very busy with school, and on the weekends I get very lazy. Even though I felt quite lazy, I got myself up and left the house.
Last Saturday, I went downtown with my friend Jewel. We got Pizza at Iggy's, walked around and took some pictures, then got Starbucks.
While we were getting ready to leave Starbucks, I snapped a quick picture of the buildings because I think they looked pretty cool. The lighting was also very good that day.

On our way out of Iggy's, Jewel spotted a wall of graffiti with a fence in front of it. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to photograph graffiti because it's one of my favorite things to photograph.

On the weekends, I usually participate in afternoon activites, so I spend my mornings either being lazy or doing homework... or procrastinating. Also, as you can see from the pictures above, my foot is healing up, and I can walk without crutches in a special boot. YAY!

We had a cookout over Labor Day Weekend with out neighbors, and I decided to bring out my camera. I got this adorable picture of my doggie, Gus.

This is Jewel in front of the graffiti wall. I loved her outfit so much. She also had super cute, motivational bracelets.

Over the weekend I also got several pairs of adorable jeans from Hot Topic aka where I get about 95% of my wardrobe... that only consists of skinny jeans and band shirts. I definitely reccoment Hot Topic jeans because they're so comfy & cute!

I finally took a self portrait that I like with my newly cut & dyed hair! Yay!
That is what has happened over the past two weekends. How have your weeks been?
Have a great day!
-xox Fiona

Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Posts Planned!

Just a quick hello! I'm have very little free time, so I may not post as often. Sorry! I'm planning posts right now, so don't worry!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Music Discussion

Hello! This is a post about one of my passions and probably my favorite thing ever:
If you didn't know, I have an obsession with music. I'm a musician myself and I love hearing peoples opinions and ideas about music. 
As I said above, I am a musician. I used to play violin & piano, but I lost interest in those instruments. I've been taking voice lessons for about 2 years, but unfortunately I can't go to my voice teacher anymore. At Baltimore School for the Arts, you're not supposed to have a voice teacher outside of the school. It would also be really hard to balance the lessons with my crazy schedule. 
I'm trained to sing classical music. I don't listen to classical regularly but I love to singing. My favorite song to sing is Claire De Lune composed by Gabriel Faure. It's a gorgeous piece. My favorite thing to sing is jazz, but at BSA they rarely teach that. As for my voice, it's very powerful and I'm a mezzo-soprano with a decent whistle range. The highest note I've ever reached (in whistle) is the last G on the piano. I can also sing a little less than an octave below middle C. 
Since I've started at BSA, I've been practicing a lot. I have to practice some music for the Opera Scenes & Chorus (explained in my previous post). My brother hates it when I practice because he has to turn off his video games so I can't be distracted. 
As much work as it can be, I love singing more than anything and it makes me very very happy. 

Another thing I like about music is that it's always there. When there's no one to hug you, care for you, or tell you that everything's gonna be ok, music will still be there. Music doesn't provide that type of support for everyone, but it does for me. When I feel depressed, angry, hyper, happy, motivated, etc. I turn on some music and boom. I feel happy. Music provides a safe place for me. My favorite artists of all time are Jessie J and Of Mice & Men. Their music is basically an ear hug and it always can help me cope with  anything. 
Btw: I'll leave some artists at the bottom of this post for you to check out! 
Music has also brought me closer to people that I never thought I could be close with. The picture above is me and my friend Oona. If we hadn't started talking about music on the bus on a field trip, we wouldn't be as close as we are now. She's one of my closest friends, and it's all because we have the same taste in music. 
I've also met people over the internet through music. I met my friend Bailey on twitter. I followed her because her username was related to my favorite band. Then we started talking, and now we text each other weird selfies or pictures of band members. 
There's so much more I could say about music but this post can't go on forever and ever and ever. 
I'd really like to hear your opinion on music. How does it help you? Does it help you at all? What artists do you like? I'd love to talk to you all about music. 
And here's the list I promised:
Jessie J
Of Mice & Men
Bring Me the Horizon
Pierce the Veil
Sleeping with Sirens
A Day to Remember
Suicide Silence
All Time Low
Memphis May Fire
Asking Alexandria
Picture Me Broken
Out Came the Wolves
Tonight Alive
Black Veil Brides
The Devil Wears Prada
Motionless In White
That's all I can think of for now. 
Have a great day!
-xox Fiona

New Email/Quick Updates

Just so you all know I have a new email:
And I have tons of posts planned!