Sunday, April 6, 2014

Style Icon: Jasmeen Nanda

Hey, everyone! I'm starting a new series called "Style Icons" where I take my favorite people, get some pictures of their makeup and outfits, and create a look inspired by them. This week's style icon is Jasmeen Nanda. She is a tumblr blogger, and takes awesome photos. Plus she has awesome style!
This is the outfit that I'm choosing to base my look off of. The top is from Brandy Melville, the cardigan is from Urban Planet, and the leggings are from Ardene. This outfit is super cute and super comfy. 
This photo is what I'm basing my eye makeup look on. It's simple but glamorous—just like Jasmeen. 
For her daily makeup, Jasmeen uses this palette. I don't own this, so I'll use a different palette. 
Jasmeen had very long, gorgeous hair. For hair, I'm simply going to leave my hair down. Now that you have an introduction to Jasy, lets get started!
Here are Jasy's social networks: 
Instagrams: @jasmeen_bieber and @ac4wut
Twitter: @5assyjasy
YouTube: Jasmeen Nanda

This is the finished look! As you can see, I left my hair somewhat tousled to give the look a messy, edgy effect. The makeup is simple and noticeable,and it is a little bit shimmery.

Honestly, my entire outfit is from Forever 21. This is one of my favorite shirts, and since Jasmeen loves wearing crop tops, I picked one out. 

For makeup, I applied the colors in the palette above to my lid andblended them together. Next I took the eyeliner pictures above and applied a think line to my upper lash line. I used Maybelline mascara, and then I was done!
I hope you enjoyed this. Email me if you'd like to be a style icon!
Stay amazafying,

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