Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Upcoming Makeup Tutorials!

Hey, everyone! Long time, no post, but the good news is that I'm back, and I have tons of new posts planned, and this is a sneak peak into the makeup tutorials.

 One of the makeup looks is great for parties, New Years, and any other event wear it's appropriate to wear bright, bold makeup. This look has dark purple, sparkly eyeliner (pictured above), bright blue eyeliner, and bold lips. I love it because it's so spunky. I can't wait to show you guys!

 This look focuses mainly on getting flawless skin only using 3 skin products. I like to look at it as a "girl next door" look. It looks great on 99% of people, so anyone can try it.

I'm also going to do a look inspired by Jessie J, a singer. She's great at rocking a smoky eye and bold lips, and I thought it would be fun to do. It's very dramatic, but absolutely stunning.

The next look is very heavy on the eyes--as you can see above--and very light on the lips, but it has a flawless finish to the skin. It's awesome for a night out. It has tons of colors paired with a bold, black winged eyeliner look, so it's a great attention grabber.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Style Icon: Melina DiMambro

Hey, everyone! I know I'm very overdue for this post, but here it is! This week's style icon is Melina DiMambro. You may know her from Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. She's gorgeous, and she has an amazafying sense of fashion. Here are some of her pictures:
Here are Melina's social networks:
Instagram: @melinadimambro
Twitter: @melinadimambro
YouTube: Melina DiMambro
Tumblr: 4w-k
Let's get started on the look I created inspired my Melina.

 For makeup I applied a tinted moisturizer, pressed powder, and blush for my face. I used a matte brown/pink color for my lids and topped it off with several coats of mascara. I lined my top and bottom lash line with a black eyeliner that is very creamy.

I simply left my hair down and out with my side bangs out too because Melina tends to do that a lot.

For this outfit I wore a reddish colored top from Urban Outfitters and black leggings from target. This is the closest thing I could get to a Melina styled outfit because I don't own a huge variety of clothes.

Finished Look:
This is the finished look!

I hope you enjoyed this! Email me if you'd like to be a style icon. My email is in my 'contact' tab.
Have a great day!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Healthy Snack: Rice Cake with Banana

     Today I got very hungry, and I have a bad habit of eating junky food, so I thought I show you guys how to make a healthy snack.

 You'll need:

  1. 1 banana
  2. 1 rice cake
  3. 1 knife
  4. 1 container of honey
  5. 1 container of peanut butter
  6. 1 breakfast bar

 Start by taking your knife and spreading peanut butter all over the rice cake,
 Next mix honey into the peanut butter with a knife
 Then cut up some banana and put it on tops of the peanut butter and honey. Put the rice cake on the plate along with the breakfast bar.
 For a drink, mix juice and seltzer for a spritzer.
Lastly, sit down and enjoy your snack. Try reading some good blogs while you eat. I hope you guys try this out because it's really yummy.
Happy snacking!

Organizing My Desk

If you're anything like me, you love being organized, but you hate the process of becoming/staying organized. My desk wasn't the cleanest thing on Earth. It's been cleaner. It's been messier. I'm going to show you guys how I quickly organized my desk with simple ideas and strategies. 
 Asyou can see above, my desk isn't the neatest thing in the world. I have random books, papers, and who knows what else. The first step to getting organized is to get out your organizing supplies. In this case, my supplies are my hands and one pencil holder.
 This is a super cute pencil holder, and even though it may seem like I'm overreacting, I'm not. I'm obsessed with this because it says organizational phrases all over it. Plus it was in Target's dollar section.
 In the pencil holder I put pencils. I also put in highlighters, colored pencils, markers, and other writing supplies I may need while doing school work or planning blog posts.
 I put the holder on the window sill with a candle, a flamingo pen, and a DIY boat I made in a tutorial that I posted.
 From there, I put lotion, chap stick, and hand sanitizer on the window sill and gave everything else its own little space.
 I put some school notebooks in a pile next to some blogging/photography books so that I could have all of my books in one general area. I also put my big calendar with my mom's laptop.
 This is what my organized window sill looks like. It's very colorful, and that's my favorite part about it.
 This is what my desk looks like a an organized desk.
This was a simple, short post, but if you want more tips on organization feel free to email me. I'll have my email below. Happy Easter!
Have a nice day,

Friday, April 18, 2014

Urban Outfitters

         A few days ago I went out walking around near my grandma's apartment. My grandma and I stopped in Urban Outfitters, and luckily the staff was very nice, and she let me take pictures of the store and the store's products. The shirt pictures above is completely adorable and one of the favorite things that I saw in the store. I forgot what the bottom part said, and I can't read it in the picture, but I still love the colorful floral print on top of the white background.

        I also saw this book, which I wanted to buy, that I thought was cute and could give me inspiration for an upcoming post. I didn't get to look through it because I was so busy snapping away with my camera. I love books like this because it gives you more little things to appreciate in life.

         I thought this outfit was absolutely adorable. I loved the bottom rim of the shirt on top of the blue and yellow floral print. The jean jacket was also a cute touch to match the blue in the skirt. This outfit would be great for a spring party, a night out, or just a casual day with friends. This inspired an outfit that I will write about when it get's warmer in Maryland. It snowed in Baltimore--even though it's April.

        I love Urban Outfitters because of their accessories and their little house decorations. I thought that these house decorations were super duper cute. I love all of the colors too. In case you didn't know, I'm a complete color/texture junkie. I'm oddly attracted to colors and textures.
        That was my experience at Urban Outfitters, and I'll be sure to show you the outfit that I got there. 
Have a nice day,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

2 Fun Makeup Looks

The Colorful Makeup
This look is great for a fun, bold mood. It's all colors, and no neutral tones.
First you're going to apply a turquoise blue eyeliner thickly to your top lash line. Next you're going to apply a white eyeliner to your water line and lower lash line. Lastly, put on electric blue mascara for the final touch. Finish the eye look off with a pink, shimmery gloss.

The Smoky Eye
This look is a regular smoky eye look, but everyone has different ways of doing it. Here's my way.
For a base color, I apply an earthy brown shadow all over my eyelids. Then I take a strongly pigmented gray color and apply it on my outer corner, and I work it into my crease. Then I apply the same gray color all over my lid, and then I take a sparkly black shadow, and I work it into my crease. For eyeliner, I line my top and bottom lash lines and my water line to define my eyes. I put on a lot of mascara to bring attention to my eyes. I finish off the look with a bright, bold, red lip color.
I hope you guys enjoyed these tutorials!

Time Management/Organization

I'm terrible at managing my Schedule and time—even with a giant calendar with all personal/school events! I love being organized, but I hate the extra effort you have to put in to stay organized and the process of cleaning and getting organized. 
        I'm in 8th grade, and I will be in high school next year. I'm slowly becoming more organized, but when I move to a new school I need to have an organization/time management system down. If I don't, I will get kicked out of Baltimore School for the Arts or I'll be constantly struggling. 
        I know that I've talked about how I hate managing time, but I am still learning and improving my time management skills, and I thought I'd share some tips or things I do to help myself stay on track. 
1. I have a big calendar with all of my school work, events, and personal schedule. Whenever I do something I cross it off, and if I don't finish it I'll move the assignment to another day. I also highlight important things. 
2. Write down EVERYTHING. It doesn't matter how small the thing is. Write it down. I'm a forgetful person and 99.99% of the time I either forget something or remember it after I was supposed to do it when I don't write something down. 
3. Triple check. I'm the kind of person to forget things even if I write it down and check. 
Those are my main tips for organization and time management. I hope they help you. Tweet me or comment any of your tips. 

The Concept of Beauty

        People have different ideas of beauty because whether or not someone is beautiful is a matter of opinion. Many different things can change how one sees beauty.
       I am growing up in two very different environments: school and home. At home things are stressful, but there isn't constant gossip about who's pretty and who's not. At school, on the other hand, there is constant gossip about how ugly/pretty or stupid/smart someone is. The media also contributes to what I find pretty. The media says you have to be skinny, tall, and be pretty.
        At school people often ask me why I wear so much makeup. I tell them "Because I like putting makeup on." Little do they know that the real answer is "I feel ugly without it." I've watched my mom put on makeup, but I mainly learned from a friend. She loved makeup, she watches makeup videos on YouTube, and she would love to put makeup on me. Eventually I bought some of my own makeup, and I started wearing it. 
        The thing is, though, is that my concept of beauty is just someone who can smile and be themselves. Yes. I know this is corny, but it's what I truly believe. 
        That is my view on the concept of beauty. Beauty is a strange concept because of the different perceptions of it. I hope you guys enjoyed this. This is a Journal Day response to Danielle's prompts. If you want to see the original prompt, it is linked here.
Have a great day,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Minnesota Days

        I'm still in Minnesota, and I'm enjoying very much. I especially enjoy the huge jelly bean jar in my uncle's apartment. It is heaven to have an almost unlimited supply of jelly beans. This week has been very busy, but I'm used to busy schedules so it's OK. I can't stress how grateful I am for being able to fly out to Minneapolis and reunite with all of my family members.
         On Monday, my Uncle Pablo hosted a Passover Seder. I had so much fun with my family--especially my new baby cousin. She's the cutest thing except for the fact that she peed on my uncle's bed when she was having her diaper changed. I'll write a more in-depth post about the seder when I upload more of the pictures. My favorite part of the seder (besides seeing my family) was eating delicious food. We ate chickens, popovers, ice cream, brownies, potatoes, and so many more yummy things.
        Yesterday I walked from my uncle's apartment to my grandma's apartment. It wasn't easy or comfortable because of my one flat foot. When I finally got to her house, I rested and had some water. Since my grandma lives around the corner from the Urban Outfitters store, we walked there. I got a super cute outfit (It will be in an outfit of the day post soon. Other pictures from the store are coming up in another post too). I love Urban Outfitters because of their adorable apparel and their hilarious books. I could live in that store.

         After we got back to my grandma's apartment, we drove to the dog park to meet up with my uncle and my brother. I was cranky, so I didn't get out of the car. I did get some good pictures/selfies though. It was very hot in the car, but I was relieved when we finally left. We dropped of the dog at my uncle's apartment and went to Punch, a pizza place, for lunch. It was amazing. That's the only word that can describe it. Amazing.

          My uncle, my brother, and I went to the Tea Garden when 7 o'clock rolled around. That place is one of my favorite things about being in Minnesota. I got a vanilla shake with tapioca pearls at the bottom. We went because every Tuesday and Thursday, my uncle hosts a Chess Night. I didn't feel like playing chess, so I sat at another table on Instagram. Eventually I got bored, so I went and hung out with my Uncle Pablo, Liam (my little brother), and Ryan (another man). Ryan tried to teach me chess, but I started to feel sick. I texted my grandma to come pick me up, but she was in her PJs. She came anyways. Thank you, Grandma Rhoda!      

        Today it started snowing. I'm sick of snow because it has caused me and the rest of the people in the school to lose a professional development day and have a few days put on the end of the year to male up for the snow days. It's also very cold, and since it was 80 degrees in Maryland when I left, I didn't bring a Winter jacket. Luckily I have warm sweaters.
        Today I went for a very bold makeup look. One of my biggest tips is if you have bold eyes, go for subtle lips and vice versa. I applied a turquoise blue eyeliner to my top lash line, a while eyeliner to my bottom lash line and my water liner, and blue mascara
        I'm going home on Saturday, and I can't wait to see my parents and my dog. As much as I love it in Minnesota, my true home is in Maryland. If you want to keep updated with more things going on, follow my instagram and my twitter. I'll have the links below.
Instagram: fionaduprey (BTW: On A Beautiful Mess I saw a post about the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I went to the website and decided to participate. Check out my instagram for the pictures of the challenge. I'll post them all when I'm done).
Twitter: fionaaalyceee
Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Updates

     If you've read my past posts, you'll know that I'm in Minnesota. Everything is very nice here, but it is very cold. I love hanging out with my grandma and my uncle and all of my other family members. I've been taking tons of pictures too. One of my favorite things about being here is The Tea Garden. They have super yummy drinks. 
        Today I'm hanging out at my grandma's apartment. She has a very cute (but very tiny) place. We looked at many baby pictures, and I honestly look like a boy. I was cute though. I had almost no hair until I was about two years old, and I was always smiling. The picture above is me. 
        Tonight there is Chess Night at The Tea Garden, and my uncle said that I could be the photographer for tonight. I'm more excited than I should be. I absolutely love The Tea Garden. 
        There's not a lot going on, but I'll be sure to keep posting about the different events that happen. Have a great day,